October 1964, London

I attend my 1st ever concert (with my younger sister Sylvia) at The State Cinema in Kilburn right next door to where we live, above the fish-and-chip shop my Dad manages. A real plan hatched by the cinema’s manager to have John, Paul, George & Ringo climb a ladder in our backyard so they can hide in the storeroom where my Dad keeps the big vats of oil for frying the fish & chips to escape the throngs of female fans after the show, alas, never materializes… But oh what a night!

Mary Wells is the Liverpool group’s special guest and she’s riding high on the British charts with ‘My Guy.’  She enters the stage in a glittering gown and sings some of her previous hits such as “You Beat Me To The Punch” and “Two Lovers” but the screaming girls in the audience are only there to see The Beatles.  It’s only when Mary starts singing “My Guy” that they sing a long!