March 1964, London

My journey into the sacred world of soul music – or ‘Rhythm & Blues’ as it’s known back then – all starts when I buy Dionne Warwick’s 45 “Walk On By”….still my favourite record ever!  My ‘discovery’ of Dionne comes after the UK singer Cilla Black had records a cover version of Dionne’s previous 45, “Anyone Who Had A Heart.”  Dionne’s original of the song doesn’t fare as well in Britain as Cilla’s and the ‘battle’ between the two recordings is the subject of a heated conversation between me and one of my classmates, Roger.  He champions Dionne’s version; as I recall, my ‘objection’ to it is the muted trumpet in the bridge section of the recording!  I am a full-on advocate for Cilla, about whom I am ever so slightly infatuated as a teen!  However….when “Walk On By” is released as Dionne’s follow up recording to ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’, my allegiance quickly changes….and down come the Cilla pics on the wall in my bedroom and up go those of Ms. Warwick!