June 17, 2021

What a treasure!  This incredible track was released on the 1st Atlantic LP, “Over The Rainbow” by PATTI LaBELLE & THE BLUEBELLES which I had the pleasure to reissue in 2002 through my Ambassador Soul Classics’ label.

I still remember the group – Patti, Sarah Dash, Nona Hendryx and Cindy Birdsong – performing it on a British television show in 1965 when I was busy doing my school homework.  It literally stopped me in my tracks!  I couldn’t believe I was hearing the kind of incredible vocals on this song (written by Lori Burton & Pam Sawyer)!  Years later, I found out that Luther Vandross – who ran Patti & The Bluebelles’ fan club in 1965 in New York – considered this one of his absolute favourite recordings by the group and performed it in a BET tribute to Patti LaBelle in 2007 .  I couldn’t resist posting both videos!